About Me

Hello I am Audra Henry a widowed mother of 2. I am working as a cook in a local hotel in the US from past 15 years and i have a vast experience in cooking but i love writing blogs about nutrition and carrying this as my side hobby. With this i am a part time yoga teacher and doing this from past 3 years.

All the monthly income I earn goes into charity except some basic home expenses because this is the only reason I am living today. It all makes me happy and satisfied.

My Education

I have a Bsc in biological and nutrition sciences. With this I have many short proficiency computer courses like writing and computer designing.

My Hobbies

I have many hobbies that I really enjoy doing and have peace of mind. With writing about nature, I love traveling and exploring new places. I love to travel in mountainous areas and have meals there without using any unprocessed foods. I love exercising and hiking and helping other human beings.

My Goals

I want to be one of the best humanitarians, with this I want an organization which I run to feed poor souls in the world who really cant afford even a single bread of the day and basic shelter.