Duck Flower Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits (Pelican Flower)

The Duck Flower plant is a symbol of the world, as it is the largest flower. It is a perennial vine with beautiful flowers that provide an odor reminiscent of rotting meat, attracting flies. Its flowers are typically purple and white in shade, and they emerge from their round base and extend to soft, fragile, papery aspects that are different from regular flower forms. The main reason for their special system for pollination is the way in which flies attract and trap them.

The heart-shaped or kidney-shaped leaves are about 20 to 30 cm (about 8 to 12 inches) in diameter. The yellowish brown or purplish brown tubular flowers typically have stems that appear like a finger in a curling movement, and are about 10 cm (4 inches) long. This plant, commonly known as a Dutchman’s pipe, is commonly found coast to coast in the United States.

Scientific Overview

The botanical or scientific name of Duck Flower is known as Aristolochia Grandiflora, belongs to kingdom plantae, family Aristolochiaceae, and genus Aristolochis.

This flower also known with many other different names as Jamaican Herb, Aristolochia Grandiflora, and Pelican Blossom.

Duck Flower Composition

It may find its composition in benzene, steroids, and plant flavonoids, and compounds such as angina, petrojawsalin, onkinephenol, alkaloid, ­aristolochia, ­aristolocramine, ­aristolocholic acids, ­aristolocin ether, ANA, apigenin glycosides, SOR acorns, erythritol and liridin.

Duck Flower Benefits To Health

Helps in Detoxification

The fruit of the white gourd is useful in detoxing the body and preventing infection. It functions as an anti-inflammatory agent to clean the body of excess mucus, phlegm, or cough in the chest. It also has antimicrobial properties that help prevent bacterial or parasitic attack in the intestines.

Helps in Sleep

The components of the duck flower that are known to help sleep and have antioxidants would improve vitality, and these antioxidants contained terpenoid and nerolidol. Terpenoids contribute to relaxation, improving your energy level and helping you sleep better. The duck flower also detoxes. Crooked compounds have an antioxidant function and also perform antioxidation functions.

Helps in weight loss

The Duke’s flower is made up of protoberberine, a substance that stimulates weight loss and so reduces the risk of obesity. Protoberberine (a natural stimulant) is effective in weight loss. This compound reduces levels of total cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and is able to reduce the threat of heart problems as well.

Helps with Menstruation

The Duck flower detox is very effective for women who experience irregularities during their menstrual cycles. It is also antiseptic and provides relief from menstrual pain.

Helps with flu and cold

Contains botanical terpenes called linalool. Linalool helps to relieve unpleasant side effects of hangovers. It is additionally antiviral and functions as a sedative to treat colds and flu.


Offering your body enough of this substance has many negative side effects, including detoxifying your intestines. Duck flower is a good detoxicant, so make sure to use it responsibly. It is essential to be very selective and prudent when using it. Do not use it unless it is prescribed by a professional, especially a minor or a pregnant woman.

The lack of an essential element within aristolochia is believed to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, and nephrotoxic. The active ingredient in aristolochia — aristolochic acid — causes various adverse effects when ingested in high doses. In mice, a lethal intravenous dose that kills 50 percent of the population is 38 to 203 mg per kilogram. In rats, rodents have been indicated to get a lethal dose as small as 5 milligrams per kilogram for 3 weeks.

Don’t consume it without first seeking medical care from your medical physician or medical practitioner. Every day, we consume harmful stimulants like caffeine into our systems through the foods we eat, the water we drink, what we put on our skin, pollution, and so on.


There are many toxins in our body system which make utilizing herbs vital for successful usage. The Humptulip flower is a powerful cure, so if you happen to be in immediate need of detoxification, you should plant a Humptulip flower. Even so, those below 18, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers should not take in this remedy.

Our body’s treatments are disrupted by accumulated toxins, which may lead to physical ailments on an individual’s part. Therefore, adults tend to regularly detox their bodies to prevent this disturbance of their body systems.

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