Fiddlehead Ferns Nutrition Facts, Benefits, Macronutrients Micronutrients

Fiddlehead ferns are not just one of an ordinary green, they are highly nutritious, but rarely people know about this.

Ferns are shoots that re compactly coiled along with beautiful texture of tender and if cooked give a nutty delicious flavor.

They are rarely known by people because of the fact they are available to grow only in spring season with a very short time span.

Fiddlehead ferns are a wild type of cultivation but some American people do consume them for its nutritious values.

Delicacies like these ferns are being cultivated early when the plant grow new shoots just like snow pea leaves are being cultivated.

Fiddlehead Ferns Nutrition Facts

Fiddlehead fern plant

Plant that yields fiddlehead fern is known as Ostrich fern and the scientific name of the plant is Matteuccia  Struthipteris. Remember, there many other fern species in the world, do not consider all as a nutritious green, only ferns from this plant are safe to consume, rest are toxic which is scientifically proved.

Fiddlehead fern macronutrients splittance:

Protein4.55 grams/100 gram serving
Carbohydrates0.4 grams
Fat5.54 grams/100 gram serving

Fiddlehead ferns micronutrients

These ferns are packed with vitamins in high quantities. There is 3,617 UI proportion of vitamin A p and 26.6 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of serving.

Vitamin A is a known micronutrient that is fat soluble which means these ferns are highly effective to add in fat loss diet plans.

Fiddlehead Ferns minerals

Fiddlehead ferns possess a 100mg of phosphorus which is a greatly helpful in the health of bones and maintaining cell membranes at cellular level.

It provides 1.30 mg of iron which helps in proper functioning of RBCs (red blood cells), it also stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells.

Taste and appearance

Their appearance is green with coiled shape just as a snail painted by green color. According to many people in the United States, they taste like mushrooms with a bit of nuttiness and grassy touch.

Ostrich ferns possess a diameter that ranges from 1-2 inch in diameter. They can be harvested once they reach 1-2 inches above the ground.

If you feel any problem o cook them, you can have their recipe in your kitchen

Where to buy

Fiddlehead or ostrich ferns are available in super store in frozen or non-frozen forms. Both types have their nutrition in original forms so you on have to worry about this, keep in mind nutrition values deviate only at high temperatures.

You can also seed them in your personal garden and raise them if you love gardening.

Many people in the US claimed that these fiddle head ferns taste just like a combination of spinach and asparagus.

Can I grow fiddlehead fern at home

Obviously Yes, there is no issue if you chose to grow at your home garden at small scale, they will surely deliver the same taste as you buy them from market or any nutrition or health store.

Also there is no any harm growing them at home to you as well as to your pets, but do remember, you have to save them from your goats if you are raising them as your pets.

After plucking them from plant body, they start turning their color to brown, if you want to store them, wash with clear water, dry them so that no water left in them, and wrap them with no air left inside or you can also put them in fresh bags for food, this way they will have a long shelf life and you simply have to open the pack and set for cooking.

You can store them in refrigerator, or you can freeze them until you decide to cook them.

Remember, storing them not in cool place will open the beautiful round curl they re having.

Take Away:

Eating green vegetables help glow face and reduce dark spots, this is because greens have a lot of water content in them which ultimately fills the water gaps in our body

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