How To Grow Peas In Containers

Pea plants are a sure thing, an easy task to do if you want to grow them in your home, they are not just easy but are very much economical and low maintenance to grow at your place.

Green pea vines typically grow within 2 weeks, but matured to eat peas grow from seed to maturity between 60 and 70 days. They have shallow roots and can make use of planter pots that are at least 8 inches deep and that go up to about 18 inches deep. Pea plants can grow a second crop in late summer for a fall harvest.

You might be able to plant in March and harvest a summer crop by the end of April, If your growing season is long enough. Then, you can swap your planter for a different vegetable to grow during the summer.

Peas are the perfect vegetable to grow in a container garden. They grow quickly and deliver an extremely high yield for a small amount of desire. The necessities for growing peas are a great deal of sunlight and moist soil. Peas like cool conditions, so planting them early in the season is ideal for an excellent harvest.

When the temperatures increase, your peas will stop growing in the container, so you can take them out and begin to plant a new heat-loving plant within the same container.

How To Grow Peas In Steps


Leave a hole in the plastic screen sufficient enough to cover the bottom portion of the hose container you’ve chosen. If you don’t have screening, you can sew a porous landscape fabric or a coffee filter into that hole.


Add a fertilizer mix to your potting soil at least 3 inches from the container rim’s edge. If there is no fertilizer in the potting soil you purchased, add a general all-purpose formula to the soil.


Be sure to treat your pea seeds with a legume inoculant for result. Soaking your seeds overnight will allow them to germinate much more quickly. Then, before they are planted, shake the seeds in a bag containing an inoculant.

Uniformly implant peas, placing them 1 inch apart. The number of peas per container depends on its area, and planting two peas together will increase their chances of germinating in that spot. Hold your thumb up with the flat part against the soil and gently press the two peas underneath the surface. Place the flattened open palm on top of the pile of seeds and add 1 to 2 inches of soil on top.

To avoid the peas from germinating too much, don’t add too much water to it. Water your container deeply with water from a watering can or a hose nozzle set to the gentle spray function.


Most climbing plants, such as peas, need a trellis for support. Peas have tendrils that appear to cling to objects well, but they may appear unpredictable at first. So, you might want to have wires on hand to keep your peas attached to your trellis or frame.


Peas are simple plants, and most of the necessary care is done for them. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, as you want your pea seeds to sprout, grow, and blossom. Make sure that your containers obtain at least six hours of direct sun daily.

Peas are naturally able to “fix” nitrogen into the soil through absorbing it from air.

Plant your sugar snap peas when they’re still young and the pods are forming. When harvesting English peas that you would shell, wait until your garden has swollen, which means that the peas inside are sweet and developed.

Pea vines need minimal fertilizer if you use too much, nitrogen, which is a common ingredient in fertilizers, can harm vine growth, and the vines will produce big pods containing few or zero peas. After you fill your container, continue to expand and smooth over the soil but avoid compacting it too heavily.


Grow them to have a home yields. They are high in nutrition and benefits to human health. You will enjoy the taste after they are ready to consume. They require minimal time and money investments that no other plant category needs like them.

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