PeaPod Nutritional Facts, Health benefits, Calories

Peapods a rare edible greens in majority of the regions in the US at the same time are very common in many regions.

It is actually a cross breed generation with the combination of snow and garden peas and considered a potential plant with fast growth and high yield.

Pea pods are kind of green fresh and high water content green vegetable that can be added in various form to diet whether in cooked or raw form.

Peapods are high content greens and are very easy to grow at home gardens in pods and this the reason they are titled as peapods.

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Peapod Vegetable Scientific Name

Pea pod belongs to kingdom Plantae and Fabaceae family. Its scientific name is Pisum Sativum. They are scientifically considered a fruits because of the fact they germinate from seed and ovary grown.

They are really quick to grow in the farm but they require sunlight energy in plenty. Due to they are quick and easy to grow, they are considered a very hot trade of all time.

From long ago they are considered a royal food and this is one of the greens that is still being utilized for nutrition from ancient times.

peapod nutrition facts

pea pod nutrition facts

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Pea pod Nutrition Value

Total Fat0.4g/100g1%
Trans Fat0g0%
Cholesterol0mg 0%
Dietary Fiber2.7g11%

There are about 28 calories in one cup of peapod

Peapod Micronutrients Distribution

Vitamin C81%/100g
Vitamin A20%/100g

Pea Pods Nutritional Benefits

  • They are potassium rich food which helps maintaining a healthy kidney and heart function including other muscles. Potassium is also a natural germ killer which cleans bowel tract.
  • There are many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals but the vitamin C is considered as key element which helps for better immunity, repair bodily injuries, and maintain healthy muscle and blood vessel function.
  • Contains vitamin K content which help the body prevent from bone ailments like osteoporosis and keep the bone structure strong and maintained.
  • Beta carotene, vitamin A and C are the best ingredients that help strengthens the immune cells and overall immune system against disease. All these work mutually to prevent the body from invading harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Peapods are dietary fiber rich food that nourished the good bacteria (the bacteria that fight against the pathogenic bacteria from outside the body) and smoothes he bowel movement protecting from constipation.
  • These are folate rich greens which aids in healing of wounds and also in other cell divisions and replication of DNA. Around 400 mcg of folate is recommended by health experts on a daily basis.
  • Pea pods possess very balanced amount of carbohydrates in them which means they can be added into carb cycling diet plans. They are helpful losing fat and glowing skin color.
  • Vitamin A boosts red blood cells synthesis, prevent from cancer, enhances gene expressions, and safe from vision ailments and other blindness disorders.

How to Consume Pea Pods

To consume them for better nutrition, they can be added into lunch salad, fresh pickle, roasted with iodized salt, grilled, or in stir fry mixture with bread.

Peapods are spring crop and June to april are the best season to have them in their highest fresh form. Fresh peapods make a crisp sound when folded this is the best indication to check their freshness.

They can be found in fresh grocery stores in frozen packs or in completely raw and fresh form if the season is going through.

Things to Consider

We know they are fiber rich food; excessive fiber consumption can cause stomach to disturb. Bloating, stomach pain, gas, or sometime lose motion can happen due to excessive fiber intake.

If you are planning to add fiber in your diet, make sure to add them slowly day by day, this is because instant intake of any nutrient in high amounts can cause problems in digestion.

Foot Note

Pea pods are one of the minimalist and healthy green edibles. One most common benefit all green vegetables provide is glowing shiny skin, gives health to heart, boost fat loss process increasing metabolism. No matter how they are consumed, they must be consumed.

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