Sauteed Pea Tendrils Nutrition Facts, Benefits and Calories

Pea plant generally grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet using looped tendrils with small, hollowed stems. Before cooking, these tendrils remain much textured.

It also pops purple/pink color soft flowers & possess green leaves with yellowish veins inside. A fact here is that the flowers it grows are completely edible and healthy nutrition source.

They smells little grassy and give a sweet veg flavor if you pluck a fresh and chew into your mouth.

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Pea Tendrils Scientific Name and History
Pea Tendrils Macronutrient Distribution Per 100g
Micronutrients and Mineral Split
Benefits of Pea Tendrils
How to Consume Pea Tendrils
pea tendrils nutrition
pea tendrils nutritional value

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Pea Tendrils Scientific Name and History

Scientific name of pea tendrils is Pisum Sativum and Central Asia is considered to be it region. This is the plant that scientist Gregor Mendel in his early scientific experiments used. He discovered the law of recessive and dominance using this plant on the basis of the blossom color variations which are purple and pink.

It is an ancient plant discovered in around 7000 BC. In previous days they are massively produced in Asia including India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan but now they are also being cultivated in the US, Canada, France, and England.

Pea plants grow in humid & cool weather areas in fecund soil. The beauty of this green is it reaches to it maturity quickly than other plants, this is the reason many farmers are in farming of this plant and consider it as a business due to its high liquidity quick growth.

Pea Tendrils Macronutrient Distribution Per 100g

Polyunsaturated and Trans fats0
Fiber (Dietary)3.1g
Calories40 calories/100g serving

These tendrils are a type of extremely low or no carbohydrate diet and are highly suitable for people using carb-cycling meal plans for fat loss or someone using keto meals and want to stay in ketosis.

Micronutrients and Mineral Split

Vitamin A25%
Vitamin C41%

Pea tendrils like other greens are highly nutrition packed foods and considered a familiar and best food source for folate, vitamins, fiber and beta carotene.

Benefits of Pea Tendrils

  • These are a moderate mineral and electrolyte source and are best greens to add in meals if you are planning to lose weight or to have a minimalist diet plan.
  • Pea tendrils or other greens, if you start adding them in your diet in weakly or monthly basis, you will notice just after 1 month that you started looking younger and your face color will more brighter.
  • It has vitamin C in it which boost your immune system and keep you save from viral infections and many other ailments.
  • They have folate and beta carotene which helps for proper metabolic and enzymatic functioning.
  • Such tendrils including other greens are best food that prevents or reduce the risk for oral, skin and lung cancers because of the vitamin A presence.
  • Folate and beta carotene provide protection from breast, prostate, ovarian, colon, and cervical cancers.
  •  Due to the presence of fiber and low calories, they are highly beneficial for losing stubborn body fat present beneath the skin layer.

How to Consume Pea Tendrils

Raw tendrils can be consumed in case they are young because once they get matured they become fibrous and need to be little cooked or sauteed before consumption.

They are very easy to cook quite similar to other leafy vegetables like spinach and Chinese mustard greens. Try to cook at gentle heat with a touch of olive oil and lemon juice. Do remember, if you cook any food at high temperature, it will more prone to lose its nutritious values. If you did not lost purple pink blossoms, don’t cook them and save them for a beautiful garnish over as they are very much soft and brittle.

If you are skinny or your body is a type of ectomorph, or in the case you want a little cheesy touch in the flavor of these tendrils, you can add a little cube of butter/cheese while you are cooking.

Foot Note

Every food in the universe is made for us, we should try to adjust them in our meals unless restricted by the doctor because of any medical condition. Sticking to same types of vegetables and fruits throughout the year is not a healthy practice and can leads to various medical conditions. Trying different types of greens and fruits is the most enjoyable thing and it also increase your experience, more experience means more intelligent people.

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